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Keeping Jag-lovers running

We’re still very much in the process of building a shiny new web site: Fast, modern, and easy to use, containing all the great Jaguar information we’ve collected over the decades. In addition, we intend to bring you even more Jaguar news and an enhanced community portal.

In order to do this, and to keep Jag-lovers humming along in the months and years to come, we need your help. Soon, we’re going to launch paid subscriptions, where we’ll ask you to contribute a small amount on a monthly basis. The site is, and will remain free though, the subscriptions will be on a voluntary basis. We may add extra goodies reserved for subscribers later, as time allows.

Other things you can do:

Contribute your experience and your knowledge about all things Jaguar on our Forums. Or ask questions, and help others learn alongside you. You can also write for Jag-lovers, if it’s Jaguar related we’ll be happy to put it on our site.


This is a great time of year to consider a gift to the best piece of the Internet – Jag Lovers. I’ve sent my donation in and I hope many others do the same.

I regard this List as a cyber-club, as I imagine many of the others do, too. I would welcome a periodic e-mail, reminding we members of the need to fund the List, with the suggestion to fork over $20 or so – rather like dues

I’ve willingly donated to support what is the very best of the Internet – come on chaps, ‘Your Site Needs You!’

I am disabled and on a fixed income trying to get my xj on the road. If it where not for the members and founders of this great group I would not have had access to all the knowledge and experience and help made available to me in repairing my Jaguar. Thank You very much.

How about everyone else getting up off their wallet and donating $20? Considering the value and camaraderie you get from the site, that’s a small price to pay for the help and fun we’ve all been having. 😉

Great site – very valuable

Your website is of value and it must cost somebody some money, so maybe you could think about sending a request for money to everyone on your mailing list, or post an item on each forum.

I’ve saved so much money since joining this site and receiving advice from the people here that I feel any donation I make will not be enough to repay my gratitude. But here goes anyway!

Thanks anyway for a good site, always a pleasure to sign-in and browse the forums

Since I’ve been exploiting this site and its forums on a regular basis for the past couple of years, I feel that I owe a contribution to those who’ve put up with me during that time

Thanks to all of you who devote so much of your time to keeping this fantastic place up and running – long may it continue 🙂

Thanks for the site, I am also going to be working on a Mercedes Diesel and they have nothing like Jag lovers. Keep up the good work.