X300 – Bodywork and interior

10 – Bodywork and Interior ( )

The X300 bodywork and underbody are generally free from rust and other vices. The interior is also well put together and not prone to rattles and squeaks. To maintain this condition, care should be taken to ensure cable runs and fittings are correctly reinstalled and any tie-wraps or other fixings replaced before reassembly is completed.


10.1 – Access to Centre-Console – Ski-Slope Removal ( )

Open the ashtray, remove the lighter and internal bin and undo the two screws at the rear. Remove the ashtray itself, disconnecting the electrical connection to the lighter as you do so.

Feel into the hole and forward under the centre wooden trim. There are two nylon wing-nuts, upside-down, holding the wood in position. Undo them.

Remove the plastic transmission selector surround by squeezing gently on the sides to release the clip fixings – two on each side. Lift the plastic and disconnect the Sport/Normal switch wiring.

Remove the chrome / leather selector surround, again by squeezing gently. This time the fixings are at the front left, front right and rear middle of the surround and it is often best to start with the one at the rear. It can be a little tricky and frustrating, but it will finally release so try not to force it.

From the back, ease the main wooden trim panel upward so that the bolts clear their mountings and then withdraw it backwards and away.

You can now access the climate control unit, clock and radio units. Removal is simply a matter of undoing the six fixing screws and pulling the unit forward. Take care not to stretch or force any wiring. Refiting is equally simple, but take care not to trap wires or loosen any other connectors.


10.2 – Doors ( )


10.2.1 – Loose Wing Mirrors ( )

Gently prise off the plastic cover on the bottom of the hinge and use a long Philips head screwdriver to tighten the three screws. If the problem reoccurs, try Loctite or something similar to hold the screws tight, or alternatively fit a slightly fatter screw.


10.2.2 – Changing the electronic window/mirror control ( Olly,  June 11, 2005 )

Starting out is relatively simple…using the flatheaded screwdriver, remove the plate behind the door opener.

Remove the screw there, and the plastic behind of the doorhandle should come out with relative ease!

Press on the wooden panel and slide it towards the steering wheel, it should then leaver out without too much fuss.

With the wooden panel off, there should be two screws behind that (sorry, no picture!), remove these and the top half of the door should become loose. Pull this up at the lock end (and make sure the m

With the top half of the door pulled back, you should be able to get at the top screw that holds the door panel on.

Next, remove the red light cover at the bottom of the door (pulls downward), and remove the small flat-headed screw (note, may be a philips!)

The door assembly should be fairly loose by now, the final part is to remove the black lug found on the inside of the door near the hinges. With that removed, gently pull the leather assembly backward

The door assembly should be fairly loose by now, the final part is to remove the black lug found on the inside of the door near the hinges.

Finally, you should have the door assembly clear now.

Flip it over & remove the bar on the back (note, make sure you put this back on during re-assembly, or else you ll have to go through all the above again 🙂