How to subscribe to emails of Forum posts

If you are coming here as a long-term user of Jag-lovers, you may be used to and prefer to receive your Jaguar wisdom in your mailbox rather than reading it on the forum. If you prefer to receive emails, follow the simple instructions here and you will be able to continue very much as you are used to.

Go to user preferences at the top right of the screen, in this case the green N-symbol (the colour and letter will depend on your user name,  and what you have configured in your profile):


Scroll down the preferences until you see the checkbox for “Mailing-list mode”. Check this:


Once checked you have the option to select how frequently you wish to received updates:


Don’t forget to save your changes!

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15 Replies to “How to subscribe to emails of Forum posts”

  1. Can anyone tell me how to solve the following problem with the new Jag Lovers website?

    I visited the new site today and changed to a new password, which does allow me to use the new forum links. HOWEVER, when I click “Classsified Ads” and click “New Ad”, it shows a screen asking me to provide my user name or email, and a password. When I enter my email & password, it tells me that email or password is incorrect. I tried clicking “email request for new password” and entered a new password, which worked in in new Jag Lover Forum, but does not work for Classified Ads. Is there a “bug” in the interface between Jag Lovers Forum and the Classified Ads Login web page? ANY SUGGESTIONS? I want to list 2 XK120 tool kits and 1 XK140 tool kit for sale. Thanks

    1. The color and letter seems to have been confusing some people, the letter and colour will depend on your username. I have amended the instructions.

  2. I am evidently not using my correct user name and dont know the latest password as i have tried numerious times to correct this,,,it will not tell me the user name and if i use my em address i still dont know it…………………….

    1. Pete,

      Enter your email at the login prompt, then click on the “I forgot my password” field. This will cause the system to send you an email which will allow you to set a new password. Length is minimum 10 characters.

    1. Pete,

      Login using your email as your username. Once you are logged in you will see your username in your profile.

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