Volunteers wanted!

No programming skills needed, but it does help if you’re familiar with word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, or the WordPress publishing software we use for the main web site.

What we need is volunteers who can help move content over from the old web site (www.jag-lovers.org) to the new web site. We’ve already moved the forums and are in the process of moving the Photo Albums, but what’s still needed is to move the “static” pages such as the model-specific information pages, the eBooks and so on.

The process will be mostly copy and paste, no need to worry about programming, design or colors. Just copy the text from the old page, and paste it into an editing window. Then download any pictures that are part of the page (not headers, menus, buttons, and that sort of thing, just the actual content) and place them correctly in the editing window.

If you’re interested in helping out with this, please leave a comment to this message in the forums, in the Site Feedback category. Or you can PM @jagwaugh, @nick or @gunnar (also in the forums).


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  1. I’m in Silicon Valley, retired with time on my hands. I lived in Germany, Belgium and France in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s where I enjoyed English and other european cars of that time.

    This Volunteer work is just the thing I would enjoy!

    I’ve owned a 1964 XKE Coupe, a 1959 Healey 100-6 BN6, 1962 Daimler SP250 Dart, 1967 MGB, 1959 Porsche 1600 Super Coupe (My first car at 16) plus many american and european cars.

    I was the first Inernet Busines Development Manager at Lexus Stevens Creek in Silicon Valley from the late ’90s until my retirement a few years ago. Spent much of my life in the car biz.

    I hope you will consider me for this project!

    Scott . . .

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