Body Alignment, 120 OTS

I am doing a body off restoration of an xk120 OTS. I cannot seem to align
the rear clip with the doors unless the rear clip is elevated about 1 inch
above the chassis. I know that there are shims for the coupes but should
shimming be necessary for an OTS? Shims seem to be my only solution. Thanks
– Jake 120

For the 120 body mounting to chassis, I can find “packing” listed but no
indication as to where it goes. Over to Wray. Regards, John Elmgreen

Jake, Last week I went to see the film Titantic, the ship hits the iceberg
and starts to sink, the bow heads toward the bottom, and the stern rises
up. Shims are your solution, but favor the front first to restore the
balance. The exception would be if your car had been heavily rearended at
one time, causing the rear frame horns to bend down. Good luck and be
patient, body alignment is not a slam dunk. P.S. Check out the library on
the XK Lovers webpage, I wrote several posts on this subject last year. –
Regards, Wray Schelin