Bonnet Hinge Springs

In the parts cataloque I found that springs were used in the bonnet hinges of the 120. I have a FHC without them. I have not seen them anywhere. Guy Broad says they were not used. Does somebody on the list have them or knows about them ( or is it only one). – Duco Avis

I don’t see them in my parts manual. What page are they on? Mike Eck, ’51 XK120 OTS, ’62 3.8 MKII

Duco: Where, specifically, did you find reference to springs in the bonnet hinges? – Dick Cavicke

Not on a 140 dhc…Jim Warren

I have a 51 ots-no springs..M. Larsen

Sittin’ here in foggy ole Bonnethinge perusing the XK-120 parts manual. Olde, funky and purple. Shows ch #’s 660001-660058, 670001-670184 to use P/N’s BD.2948(LH) & BD.2949(RH). This is on page 55. The ole page then sent me to plate U and #84, page 73. That shows P/N BD.4379 for both hinges (uh, hingi?). Of course, this is for Ch #’s 660059 & subs, 670185 & subs. No springs shown. Never seen any either. Leverage required to lift the bonnet would dictate potential bendin’ of the bonnet upon closure. Speakin’ of closure, …George Badger

Sorry but for some reason I though the subject of this was a time and place. Yes, Spring IS a lovely time in quaint old Bonnethinge. Or is it “We’ll always have Bonnethinge….” No springs in my 120 FHC and have never seen any in other 120’s. Will be interested in what you discover. – Dick Rowley

Hi all — my XK120SE OTS ’54, S674619 (sold in ’89 after 13 years’ rebuilding and total enjoyment) had NO springs in the bonnet hinges — hope this helps — Larry Martz