Bonnet Striker

Got one for Christmas! The spring-loaded bonnet lock won’t catch; safety catch is working, which is the only thing keeping the bonnet from popping up in the wind. I can’t see a way to adjust it; any ideas? – Mike Brown, 54 120 SE DHC, 56 140 OTS, 59 150S OTS

The “pointy thing” on the hood is threaded, with a lock nut on top. This will adjust up or down. – Mike Eck

Thanks, Mike. Now I also know what the “pointy thing” is called; it was hard to ask the question without referring to it! – Mike Brown

The “pointy thing” is called a “striker” in the parts book (and it’s on the bonnet – not the hood) :). And speaking of the hood, apparently a hood is only a soft top otherwise a DHC would be a drop hood coupe instead of a drop head coupe. – Bruce Cunningham, ’53 XK120 OTS