Bootlid Trim Panels

I understand that from beginning of 1954, the bootlid trim panel changed from
plywood to some sort of Millboard. Have any of our very late XK120 owners
noticed this? The same also applied to XK120 FHC throughout.  I would be
interested to hear of what this “millboard” stuff is like.  Regards, John


The bootlid trim panel on my 140 OTS ( the one I took off for rebuild)
is plywood so the change may have occured later than late 120’s.

Neville Laing

Plywood,with Aluminium Trim
Klaus Nielsen- 140FHC

John:  Millboard on ’55 140 DHC  817518
Jim Warren

I hope? Klaus is referring to his ‘Spare Wheel Compartment’ lid and not
the ‘Casing, for Luggage Compartment Lid – part no. BD9392’

S811693 has Casing for Boot lid underside, made out of ‘Millboard’ which
I suspect is correct terminology for this type of compressed timber waste
type product – not dissimilar to “Masonite” which is a common Australian
trade name that John will be familiar with.  My casing is 9/64″ thick,
smooth on both sides, a very dark brown color, and is the same material
used for other ‘Casings’ such as Door Trim, Under dash panel etc.
Roger Payne

My error and I apologize. I did refer to the Spare Wheel Cover.
Thanks for the correction