Bumper, Inside Surfaces

I had my original bumpers from my XK120 DHC rechromed about a year ago. Now the inner surfaces, which never did look as well done as the outer surfaces, have early signs of rust. Does anyone have suggestions on ways to recondition and then protect this surface? On suggestion was to clean it and then spray it black as it doesn’t show but I feel enough of it would be visible to be obvious. Also does anyone know of a competent radiator shop in the northern California area who could recore my leakey one. – Jeff Kelley-Day

Jeff: I have not had to face your problem with my Jaguar pieces yet — they are waiting to be rechromed. However, when I had my Triumph bumpers rechromed, I painted the inner surfaces with a bright silver paint by “Rustoleum” and there has been no sign of rust. Looks like the whole piece is chromed but in shadow. – Carl Hanson, 1951 XK120 FHC

Since they can’t prep the inner parts of the bumpers very well, or buff them, it is best to just paint the inner parts with a “chrome” paint. Judges seem to accept that ok. Where on the North Coast are you? I have taken my radiator to Rods Radiator for minor repairs here in Redding. – Larry J 660636

I just picked up the 120 radiator yesterday for a $20 repair. He said he can get the original type core for $275. – Larry J 660636