Exhaust Heat Shield

Wray, As I think I said before (tho’ not sure if message transmitted OK), I thought this part was a protection against the (twin) exhaust rubbing against the body. It seems to serve that purpose on my 150. But your names are much more interesting! – Regards, John Elmgreen


I guess I missed your earlier post regarding the mystery part. I think you are right, but I would modify your theory slightly. I think the parts are heat shields, to keep heat away from the spare, and fuel tank. Have you or Roger found any mention of them in the service bulletins? Since they seem to be absent from the early 140s, it must have been a production change brought on from a bad field report. Perhaps a 140 went KA BOOM on a hot day in heavy traffic. That gets the attention of the engineers quickly.

Regards, – Wray E. Schelin

Wray: I like the theory re the heat shields. I found nothing in Service Bulletins, unless it was well hidden and I misfiled it. But I would have recognised any reference to it, I think. I will take a rear wheel off the 150 on the weekend and think about it a bit more. By the way, I still cannot believe that the 140 windscreen washer mystery continues … now THAT really is a mystery part! This is the list of 140s that reported whether or not they had the panel fitted to the outside of the spare wheel tray:

Not fitted: OTS FHC DHC 810017 814376 817002 812417

Fitted: 815926 818210

Regards, John Elmgreen

I can add one more tiny piece of information here: each of the 3 x XK140s with the mystery part fitted is a Special Equipment model (“M”). This is consistent with (my) speculation that the part was required for cars with twin exhausts only. The numbers are: 812797 (S/DN) 815926 (S/-) 818210 (S/-) Now, if only I had the build / delivery dates for these cars. – Regards, John Elmgreen

Regarding the mystery part found on some 140’s and 150’s. I’ve just received the latest issue of Jaguar World and on page 37 there is a picture of a heat shield between the exhaust pipe and the spare wheel well. The caption says that this part is ” often forgotten…”. Is this the mystery part so often discussed recently? My 150 dhc, #S837859 does not have this part or holes drilled for it. Regards – Ron ’59 150 dhc

Ron, I haven’t got a Jag World recently, so will have to wait to look at the photo. What is the date? It certainly sounds like the right part. I can’t think why you don’t have one, I was just getting complacent in thinking that all 150s had them – can anyone else comment? As previously stated, they are not in the 140 or 150 parts books. I assumed that late 140s with twin exhausts and all 150s (which had twin exhausts) all had them, By the way, I say that all 150s had twin exhausts – BUT the parts books lists a single – anyone ever seen one? Ron, what are the other numbers of your car? Do you have a twin exhaust? – Regards, John Elmgreen

Klaus – Thanks for the info, your car fits the pattern so far re the Mystery Part. I have now received current Jag World, which has a major feature on the XK150 – highly recommended to all on this list, with some excellent material from Paul Skilleter, Terry McGrath and others (including the Mystery Part, as previously mentioned). Lots of little details that are rarely ever mentioned or known about.

Also mentions the planned huge XK Rally for the 50th Anniversary – early July, 1998 in England. I’m hoping to be there – anyone else likely to be able to make it? What luck – can you believe it coincides (more or less) with a major wedding anniversary for me (married in London), so Fran will barely notice a side trip for XK purposes.

By the way, the recent thread on door etc. trim screws and washers is interesting, as so many cars have been “restored” over the years without these parts, and it can make the whole door look wrong to have (for example) large screw heads (maybe Philips) with big, cup washers, instead of the original, quite discreet items. Regards, John Elmgreen


The photo that you referenced appears to be of the same part that I brought to Wray’s shop.

Only difference is… mine was attached with 3 rivets while the one in the ohoto has 4.

Sam Bell XK140 FHC