Fuel Pump Shields

Still working my way through the 140 handbook.  Couple of questions: at
page 26 there is shown a coil that is silver in finish, not black like
others in the book.  Some say all coils were black, but this one certainly
isn’t.  Any comments?  At page 26 also, picture 1015, the fuel pump is
shown.  On the underside of the chassis adjacent to it, there are two
unoccupied holes drilled in the chassis, may  3 inches apart, not
particularly big.  Anyone suggest what they are for?  Can anyone look and
see if there are threads within the chassis to take a bolt into them (e.g.
for an undertray)?  Or might they be to let the water out (it could get in
presumably from the hole through the chassis for the fuel line). – Regards,
John Elmgreen

John, on S814376 the coil has had most of the paint removed down to the
brass, but it was originally black in color – bad paint removal job.
Undertray to protect the fuel pump from stray rocks and hammer blows from
stranded motorists, most definitely. The holes appear to be about 7″ apart.
I say appear because the tray is in the way. Do you wish info on its shape?
– Regards, Jim Voorhies

Thanks for the response on this.  I cannot find this part in the parts
book, if any of you can, I would appreciate the lead.  Also Jim I would
appreciate the shape, dimension details if you could manage them.  You
could fax to 61 2 9221 5195 if convenient. – Regards, John Elmgreen

I could not find the 140 part in the parts book, fuel pump shield, but the
150 is listed – the following is the info: XK150 PB 1/375:  C 14204 shield
assembly protecting petrol pumps. Plate 75-2.  Secured by 4 screws NS
125/5D with shakeproof (C 724) and plain (FW 104/T) washers on each, and 2
distance pieces between the shield and the underside of the chassis. –
Regards, John Elmgreen

John, It may be that the shield was a later addition to the XK-140, thus,
it did not get included in the parts book? The fact that the attachment
holes were shown in the owner’s manual would suggest otherwise. Since the
pump is very exposed to road damage without the shield, I would expect
that it was required from day one. You indicate that the -150 book
identifies two distance pieces (shims?). I do not have those on my -140,
and I cannot imagine how they would have been installed. Maybe the distance
pieces are required to make the -140 shield fit the -150 frame
configuration? – Regards, Mike Carpenter S812797

John, Sorry for delay in responding but I had to find shield. The
illustration (plate 75/2) of XK150 shield C.14208 is quite different from
my XK140 petrol-pump shield. The XK140 shield has same vertical (leading)
face, which protects front of pump, with two mounting bolt flanges for
mounting on chassis rail side and a cut out to clear fuel pipes. The bottom
surface is angled up a little
from the horizontal with two mounting holes for securing under the chassis
rail. Thats it; no side piece as per the XK150 illustration. Overall
dimensions in folded up final shape, including bolt hole flanges is 8″ long
x 5-1/2″ high x 6-1/2″ wide. – Roger Payne

Hello to all, My 150 fhc does not have a fuel pump shield.  Is there an
after market product I should have?  What does it look like?  I can
probably get a piece of sheet metal and cover the pump if that is all it
is. – Don Sime

Don, Try Wray Schelin, It is likely that he has it in his stock. – Regards,
Klaus Nielsen