Grommets, XK120 – Nick Saltarelli

                  GP1  GROMMET LIST

XK 120 (1950­1954) Roadster, Coupe, and D.H.C.

R28     Firewall Hole Plug for oil and temperature lines
        (1 req) 
        Firewall Hole Plug for oil and temperature lines
R134    Grommet {1 req)  
        Horn Cover Insulating
GR1     Grommet (5 req) 
        2 in frame for reverse light switch, 1 in trunk
        lid for reverse and license light harness, 2 in
        frame bracket for fuel pump mounting
GR2     Grommet (1 req)
        Fuel pump wire outside of frame, below firewall.
GR3     Grommet (4 req)
        1 in firewall behind wiper motor for cowl
        harness, 3 for windshield wiper rack cable thru
        inner cowl bracing.
GR4     Grommet (4 req) 
        forward fender valance on both sides of car for
        headlite bucket and turn/side light wire
        connection (2 on driver side, 2 on passenger
GR5     Grommet (1 req)
        Heater fan feed wire in cowl bracing.
GR6     Grommet (9 req)
        4 in frame holes for fuel and brake.lines,
        3 inside cowl bracing for cowl harness,
        2 inside cowl bracing for speedo and tech cables.
GR7     Grommet (7 req)
        3 in sill for body harness and battery cable,
        1 in firewall for speedo cable, 1 in trunk
        forward right hand corner for fuel tank branch of
        the body harness.
GR8     Grommet (3 req)
        1 in right forward side of engine compartment for
        hood pull cable, 1 beside starter solenoid for
        wiring harness, 1 in firewall for tech cable.
GR9     Grommet (2 req) ­
        1 in firewall under voltage regulator, 1 for cowl 
        harness negative battery cable in battery box area.
GR10    Grommet (3 req)
        1 in firewall for bonnet release cable, 2 in tops 
        of fenders for sidelamps.
GR13    Grommet (1 req)
        1 in firewall for windshield wiper rack cable
GR17    Grommet (1 req)
        1 for neg battery cable at rear of shut panel.
GR18    Grommet (1 req)
        1 on top of license plate panel for wiring,
GR19    Grommet (1 req) 
        1 oval grommet for windshield wiper rack housing in cowl bracing.
GR21    Grommet (1 req)
        1 in fuel filler compartment for vent tube.

Document and photo from Bassett's Jaguar (401-539-3010)