Volunteers wanted!

No programming skills needed, but it does help if you’re familiar with word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, or the WordPress publishing software we use for the main web site.

What we need is volunteers who can help move content over from the old web site (www.jag-lovers.org) to the new web site. We’ve already moved the forums and are in the process of moving the Photo Albums, but what’s still needed is to move the “static” pages such as the model-specific information pages, the eBooks and so on.

The process will be mostly copy and paste, no need to worry about programming, design or colors. Just copy the text from the old page, and paste it into an editing window. Then download any pictures that are part of the page (not headers, menus, buttons, and that sort of thing, just the actual content) and place them correctly in the editing window.

If you’re interested in helping out with this, please leave a comment to this message in the forums, in the Site Feedback category. Or you can PM @jagwaugh, @nick or @gunnar (also in the forums).


How to subscribe to emails of Forum posts

If you are coming here as a long-term user of Jag-lovers, you may be used to and prefer to receive your Jaguar wisdom in your mailbox rather than reading it on the forum. If you prefer to receive emails, follow the simple instructions here and you will be able to continue very much as you are used to.

Go to user preferences at the top right of the screen, in this case the green N-symbol (the colour and letter will depend on your user name,  and what you have configured in your profile):


Scroll down the preferences until you see the checkbox for “Mailing-list mode”. Check this:


Once checked you have the option to select how frequently you wish to received updates:


Don’t forget to save your changes!

(If you have any questions, or would like to comment on this post, please use the Site Feedback category on the Jag-lovers Forums. Thanks!)