The XJ will return. Sorta, maybe.

This is the s***canned XJ replacement, NOT the upcoming EV.

The Jaguar XJ, for decades the premier sedan of the premier British marque, will return one day. But it won’t be your father’s XJ, and perhaps not even yours.

Would you buy an XJ based on the I-Pace platform? What if Jaguar were to repeat that awful rear hatch they used on the now defunct “X351” XJ instead of a proper trunk (boot)? We are concerned, and we have questions.

According to MotorTrend, they have no answers, only more speculation. What seems to be clear is that there will be an XJ, it will be electric, and it will debut by 2025. Maybe. If Thierry Bolloré lasts that long as the CEO of JLR.

What do you think?