Is the end of the F-Type nigh?

The 2022 Jaguar F-Type P450

Jaguar has announced the imminent end of the turbocharged in-line four-banger and the supercharged V6es for the F-Type.

Starting with the 2022 model year, which is available for preordering now, the F-Type will be available with the V8 engine only.

The 5.0 V8 power plant will be available in two trim and power levels. The P450 with 444 horses, and the R, with 575 hp.

The former will be available with your choice of RWD or AWD, the latter with AWD only. Both the convertible and the coupe body styles will continue.

All which makes us wonder: Is this simply a step borne out of necessity, because the old V6 is being replaced by the Ingenium in-line six cylinder hybrid unit, and it could never fit in the F-Type?

Or, is it more an issue of resources, where the necessary modifications to the car simply aren’t worth the cost, especially for a halo car that doesn’t sell that well, and for a company that’s struggling financially?

Sales of the F-Type have fallen precipitously in later years, to less than half compared to its heyday in 2016 — 2017. One wonders if this the beginning of the end for the F-Type. If so, does Jaguar have a replacement sports car up its sleeve?

If they don’t, we don’t like what that would say about the future of the company.

The full PR announcement from Jaguar is available here, and Car and Driver have their take on it here.

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