Falling in love with the E-Type, for the first time

1967 E-Type. Photo by Chris Perkins.

Road & Track web editor Chris Perkins borrowed an E-Type from a friend and realized what all the hype is all about.

The result is a love letter to the E-Type. Perhaps more specifically, to Jamie Kitman’s gorgeous 1967 Series 1.5. Choice quote:

The great thing about an E-Type is how it brightens nearly everyone’s day. No other car I’ve ever driven has received so much admiration, so many smiles and thumbs-ups. I felt like a better, more elegant, more sophisticated version of myself behind the wheel. And all of this goodness is accompanied by a delightful, snarly straight-six soundtrack that’ll make you wish we still used carburetors.

– Chris Perkins, web editor at Road & Track

Read the article, it’s well worth the 5 minutes. Then go hang out in our E-Type Forum and discover more about these wonderful cars. Pardon us, these wonderful automobiles.