Meet the new I-6 JLR hybrid powerhouse

Yum, yum, Ingenium.

It’s Ingeniumious! Jaguar is returning to the inline six format for it’s mid-range engines. The new engine will offer a displacement of 3.0 liters (183 cui) and yield up to 400 horses. They manage this neat trick while also achieving fewer parts, cleaner emissions and lower fuel consumption compared to the outgoing V6 engine.

The technology behind this marvel is quite interesting. The new engine is a mild hybrid, using a 48V electric starter/regenerator/propulsion unit. That same electric motor also drives an electric supercharger, which will eliminate lag from the twin-scroll turbo. Add continuously variable valve lift and timing, and you have yourself a seriously high tech power unit.

JLR pamphlet on the new inline six Ingenium engine.

The new engine is a direct development of the existing 2.0 liter four cylinder Ingenium engine, and will be introduced into the JRL product range alongside both the four banger and the existing V6 and V8 engines. The new six will make its debut in the Range Rover Sport HST.

Meanwhile, rumors are strong that Jaguar’s next top-of-the-line engine will be a twin turbo V8, sourced from BMW. No further details are available at this time.

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