The end of an era: Jaguar kills off the XJ

No more: The Jaguar XJ, dead at 51.

After 51 years, Jaguar has decided to end production of the XJ. The last car will roll off the assembly line this July.

There have long been rumors that Jaguar would introduce an all-new, electric XJ, using the experience they’ve gained with the I-Pace. This could still happen, perhaps as early as next year, but unless Jaguar Land Rover’s fortunes improve dramatically before then, we wouldn’t bet on it.

Jaguar XJ: Born 1968, dead 2019.

The original XJ, the 1968 XJ6, was penned by Sir William Lyons himself. For decades it represented the ultimate in sporty and luxurious sedan motoring, truly living up to Jaguar’s motto of ‘Grace, Space, Pace’.

If you’d like to own one of the last XJs ever made, you’d better hurry. They’re only going to manufacture them for another month or so.

RIP, Jaguar XJ. We do hope you return from the dead some day.