Jaguar could become French soon

“Allons enfants de la Patrie / Le jour de gloire est arrivé!”

Rumors are circulating – you may have heard them – that Tata is mulling a sale of Jaguar Land Rover to France’s PSA group (Peugeot, Citroën, and more).

Granted, both Tata and PSA deny these rumors, but it’s the way they’re denying them that’s interesting. The former has been a little more adamant than the latter, it all amounts to a lot of non-denial denials on the part of PSA. Apparently though, and most interestingly, the rumors originated from a leak by a JLR insider.

According to the leak, negotiations on how the post-merger entity could implement cost savings are progressing rapidly.

We’re not sure if such a marriage would make sense for JLR, but it makes complete sense for PSA. They’ve been longing to get back into the US market, and this would help them do that. It would also give them two luxury brands to top their product line and enhance their overall image.

Only time will tell. Would it matter to you as a Jaguar enthusiast if Jaguar went from being Indian owned to being French owned? Let us know in the comments.